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Congratulations on your efforts to become a licensed social worker.

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ASWB provides support and services to the social work regulatory community to advance safe, competent, and ethical practices to strengthen public protection. ASWB’s vision is that all social workers are licensed in order to protect clients and client systems.

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How to apply to get ASWB Certification Online

Congratulations on your efforts to become a licensed social worker. As you work through the requirements involved in applying for and receiving your state or provincial license, remember that what you are doing is important, both to you and to the people you will serve.

The ASWB Exam Candidate Handbook is designed to help you register for and take an ASWB social work licensing examination.

The ASWB examinations are multiple-choice exams designed to measure the minimum competency acceptable to practice social work within a given scope of practice at entry to practice.

They are developed from a regularly updated survey of the actual practice of social workers across the United States and Canada who work in a variety of settings and represent demographic diversity. The results of the survey shape the questions that appear on the examinations and establish the need for a particular examination within a specific scope of practice.

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