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The CFA Institute regularly conducts professional analysis of chartered financial analysts around the world to determine whether the investment knowledge system and skills in the course are important in the work practice of chartered financial analysts. Candidates’ Body of KnowledgeTM (knowledge system) mainly consists of four parts: ethical and professional ethics standards, investment tools (including equity securities products, fixed income products, financial derivatives and other investment products), asset valuation (including Quantitative analysis methods, economics, financial statement analysis and corporate finance), investment portfolio management and investment performance reports.

The CFA Level 1 exam course focuses on investment evaluation and management tools, and also includes an introduction to asset valuation and portfolio management techniques. The form of Level 1 exam (Level 1) is Multiple Choice, with 120 questions in each volume, totaling 240 questions;
The CFA Level 2 exam course focuses on the application of asset valuation and investment tools. The second-level exam (Level 2) is in the form of multiple choice questions (Multiple Choice), with 60 questions in each volume, 120 questions in total;
The content of the CFA Level 3 exam is a comprehensive summary of the first two groups. The third-level exam (Level 3) is divided into two parts. The morning part includes short-answer questions and calculation questions. The afternoon part is consistent with the second-level form. There are 10 Item Sets, each with 6 sub-questions, and a total of 60 questions.



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